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Penguin Music Wobbler

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A penguin-shaped wobbler that creates soothing, tinkling sounds when nudged.
Inspires children to crawl and grab.
Stimulates baby’s senses through sound and movement.

Engages with baby’s senses
The colours, movements and sounds of this wobbler are all designed to stimulate your baby’s senses as they start to use their ears and eyes to understand the world around them.

Encourages cognitive development
Babies will start to anticipate the toy’s movements and sounds during play and learn about object permanence, as they start to understand that the toy still exists even if it wobbles out of sight.

Hones motor skills
As babies try to reach, grasp and push the wobbler, they’ll start to improve their coordination and strength. As the toy waddles, they will be tempted to crawl or walk towards it.

Experience visual stimulation
As they play with the wobbler, infants will naturally track its movement with their eyes. This enhances their visual tracking skills and ability to focus and follow movement.

HONES MOTOR SKILLS: To help develop their gross and fine motor skills, this wobbler waddles away, enticing babies to crawl towards it and grab it with their hands.
AURAL STIMULATON: The soothing, tinkling sounds of this wobbler act as an auditory stimulant to perk up baby?s ears as they learn to identify sounds and patterns.
VISUAL DEVELOPMENT: With a cute penguin design, this wobbler will be a sensory companion to your baby as they learn to track movements and identify objects with their eyes.
TUMMY TIME PAL: This wobbler is ideal for babies during tummy time as they can practice reaching and pulling themselves up.
ROLY POLY FUN: As little hands knock the wobbler, babies will love to watch as it regains its balance once it finishes waddling.
BABY-FRIENDLY FEATURES: The rounded body of this toy ensures it?s safe for little hands to grasp and its balanced, durable design withstands batting and pushing.

To start them on their cognitive journey, teach babies the basics of cause and effect by showing them how the toy wobbles as it’s gently pushed. Encourage them to experiment with the toy by pushing it with their hands.

Age: 6+
Material: Wood
Manufacturer: Hape

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