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The Liledu story:

Parents revolutionising playtime, one toy at a time

A 1st birthday wake up call

It was a bright, cheerful day, the air buzzing with excitement – Leo’s first birthday. Sat there watching our little boy gleefully tear into his mountain of birthday gifts, our hearts sank just a little. Amidst all the joy and fun, the reality dawned on us: our home was becoming a cluttered mess of toys. And not just any toys – ones that would soon lose their charm, be relegated to a cupboard somewhere, and eventually thrown out.

The search for a solution

After Leo’s birthday we scoured the internet for a solution. We wanted him to enjoy quality playtime with meaningful learning – and without having our living space or our wallets  overwhelmed. But the more we searched, the more we realised that a solution that ticked all our boxes simply didn’t exist.

A shared concern for parents

We couldn’t be the only parents grappling with this, could we? We took it upon ourselves to find out. Reaching out to hundreds of parents, we asked three simple but telling questions:

  • Do you buy a lot of toys?
  • Do you spend a lot on toys?
  • Do new toys become boring quickly?

The responses were as overwhelming as they were eye-opening – a resounding ‘YES’ to all 3 questions. The most startling answer was that for the majority, the allure of new toys faded in just 3-5 days.

Liledu is born

It was then that we knew we weren’t alone, and that we had to do something. So we created Liledu – a toy subscription service that blends continuous engagement, expert curation, and sustainable living. Our unique Play & Swap model ensures that every month, your child receives a new set of age-appropriate, educationally enriching toys, designed to fuel their natural curiosity and foster growth.

And so, from one family’s quest for balance, Liledu was born – a solution for parents who want to transform their child’s playtime while nurturing a future that is as sustainable as it is bright.

Join us, and be part of this beautiful, mindful journey. Because with Liledu, playtime is not just fun – it’s the future.

Laurynas, Aiste and Leo (now 5 years old)