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Big Ocean Mobile

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A classic wooden mobile in a nautical design.
Mobile elements are easy for babies to see from their perspective thanks to their three-dimensional nature.
With richly contrasting colours that babies can see easily.
The acrylic beads as air bubbles, the fish, the algae, and a large whale make this nursery accessory an exciting eye-catcher.
Ideal for mounting over a baby bed or changing table.
Encourages babies to watch and stare in wonder.

It’s a nautical 3D mobile made of wood that allows children to dive into the exciting underwater world of the blue whale! Fish swim around in bright colours between the algae and air bubbles. The big whale swims calmly in the middle of the mobile with its felt fins and draws everyone’s gaze. When mounted over the baby’s bed or changing table, it encourages babies to watch and stare in wonder! From their perspective, the three-dimensional mobile elements and strongly contrasting colours are very visible.
When this nursery accessory spins around, it’s particularly interesting for the young observers when the fish swim in a calming way in a circle. With the large lighthouse, this mobile is a great decorative eye-catcher in the nursery – and not just for the young, aspiring deep sea divers!

Age: 0+
Material: Wood
Manufacturer: Small Foot

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