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SKU: 12334

Seaside Baby Play Arch

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This modern baby play arch is made of wood and has all kinds of great stimuli to offer: a sea otter with mirror for the child to see themselves, a jellyfish with string for tentacles for touching and feeling, and a silly oyster that clatters like a castanet and makes acoustic stimuli. The subtle design together with the natural materials, soft shapes, and delicate but trendy colours of smoky blue, mustard yellow, and dusky pink offer age-appropriate entertainment without overstimulation. The accessories can be easily swapped out by inserting the attachment disks.
Thanks to the high amount of visible wood material, it’s an absolute eye-catcher and sensible first toy for entertainment and strengthening motor skills in lying babies: the sea otter, oyster, and jellyfish can be attached to the three slots without tools by inserting them through. And this is good to know: the three-dimensional play elements are especially easy to see for babies who are lying down! The play arch is easy to mount thanks to the interlocking side pieces and two screws.

Age: 0+
Material: Wood
Manufacturer: Small Foot

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