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Baby Drum

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Your toddler will most likely try and play with this in more ways than one, so we created one drum that can do it all. When stood, the drum can be beaten, with each coloured circle emitting a different sound and triggering a coloured light. When rolled, the drum emits dazzling lights and music
As your bundle of joy learns how to play with the drums, he/she will start to understand the different sounds and rhythms. All melodies played by the drum are original.
Power saving mode automatically activates if left inactive for more than two minutes, ensuring your baby can use the drum for that little bit longer.
The drum encourages movement from your child, certain movements of the drum will cause it to emit different colours and different sounds. It will greatly improve your child’s hand and eye coordination as well as their ear to hand coordination.

Durable and child safe, contains water-based paint and has non-toxic finishes.

Age: 6+
Material: Wood
Manufacturer: Green Toys

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