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Theme Park Motor Activity Board

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Multifunctional motor activity board made of wood.
With gears game, flippable elements, and rotatable rattle.
Pulling, flipping over, and turning trains grasping skills and hand-eye coordination.
Little bells provide acoustic stimulation and help develop auditory perception.
Can be laid down flat to play with or carried by the recessed grip.
Brightly coloured, child-friendly design.
Made of robust wood for long-lasting playtime fun.

Motor skills fun for the youngest kids! This brightly coloured, child-friendly wooden motor activity board offers toddlers a large variety of play and entertainment possibilities that promote the development of their motor skills. The two gears can be turned and the elements attached with elastic bands can be flipped back and forth while the rotatable rattle with little bells provides acoustic stimulation.
Flipping, turning, and pulling the elements of this activity board trains grasping skills and hand-eye coordination. This is a wooden toy that optimally promotes the development of motor skills. It can be laid down flat to play with, or it can be carried by the recessed grip.
This brightly coloured baby toy impresses with its multifunctionality and diverse playtime fun, and is a must in your motor skills and wooden toys assortment.


Age: 12+
Material: Wood
Manufacturer: Small Foot


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